What Are The Advantages Of Being A Nurse In UK

If you want to work abroad or in the UK , maybe you have a wish list or maybe you want some advantages of being a nurse in the UK. So if you decide to settle down abroad for work or for work as a nurse what kind of advantages do you get? This is probably the first question that may arise in your mind after deciding.

So here are some advantages of being a nursing jobs in UK for indian nurses:-

  • Salary: in the UK working as a nurse you can benefit from a mind blowing salary with many benefits. The salary here is decided by some parameters like level of experiences, skills, responsibility and the most important year of experiences. For example a bond for 4 nurses with less than 1 year experience is 23204 (in their currency). After gaining further experience in the field of nursing the pay scale will increase and they can easily earn 37980 (in their currency) or more. And after all that if you guys get a master’s degree to become an advantage nurse practitioner can get more. And if you guys are working where living costs are high such as London you will get extra pay.


  • Flexible working hours: in UK every hospitals operate 24*7 which is a huge advantage for you. They understand the value of offering flexibility to attract employees and maintain a healthy work life balanced. Here various shifts are offered like full time and half time or a part time work, night shifts with days off in between, Flexi time or job sharing. It’s all up to you what you will choose and this is a huge advantage to work as a nurse in the UK. It will help you to balance your work and life. Nursing can be highly time consuming so it’s important to have some time out to spend with your own self. 


  • Career option: in the UK there are wealthier career options available as a nurse. Being a nurse you can get the options to work in a variety of different health care centres like hospitals, clinics, outpatient healthcare settings. This is a huge advantage because it gives you a chance to develop your learning skills and also ensure job satisfaction. Being a nurse you can have endless options in your favourite area. So if you want to take it one step ahead, the UK is the best option for you, so when you decide on a nursing career, the UK will be the best for you.


  • Job security: nurses are in high demand in many countries but still many cities do not give you the job securities. In the UK they provide you the security for your job so this is the best part for nursing jobs in the UK for indian nurses. 


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